MinePlex Refutes Allegations of Illegal Activities, Launches Working Products

13. März 2023 Aus Von admin

• MinePlex is a Singapore-registered cryptocurrency company that provides advanced and modern payment solutions.
• The company has been accused of illegal activities by Vietnam TV channel VTV, which MinePlex denies and plans to take legal action against.
• MinePlex’s Blockchain technology was recognized as unique worldwide, and the company has launched various services in the ecosystem refuting the accusations of not having a working product.

MinePlex Refutes Claims of Illegal Activities

Singapore-registered cryptocurrency company MinePlex denies all allegations of illegal activities made against the company by Vietnamese TV channel VTV. The company plans to take legal action after VTV accused MinePlex of illegal activities. „We are saddened and disappointed that such a major Vietnamese TV channel has neglected the basic principles of journalism,“ said a spokesperson for the company.

MinePlex’s Advanced Payment Solutions

MinePlex is a new generation digital ecosystem that creates advanced and modern payment solutions based on traditional financial, blockchain and digital application technologies. The company is registered in Singapore as MINEPLEX PTE LTD., and its main financial partner is a major Brazil-based bank. Operating since 2020, MinePlex has brought to market products such as Explorer, Wallet, Payments, Finance, Marketplace and more.

Unique Blockchain Technology

MinePlex’s blockchain was checked and verified by international cybersecurity firm CertiK in July 2022, who also completed KYC check on the team members of the company. It was written in an algorithm that two tokens mine each other; this process cannot be interrupted by the business in any way shape or form. Additionally, International Business Times named it one of top blockchain projects 2021 while Seeking Alpha awarded it Top Digital Finance Company 2021 title.

Fyodor Bogorodsky’s Statement

VTV journalists took out of context CFO Fyodor Bogorodsky’s phrase where he supposed that price of native PLEX token could grow to $1,500 in future – however according to Mineplex this was just an assumption rather than guarantee or promise.


In conclusion, despite allegations raised by VTV channel about alleged illegal activities conducted by Mineplex – the Singapore-registered cryptocurrency business refuted all claims with their efforts towards transparency when launching their various services along with recognition from world media for their unique blockchain technology – proving they have working products in existence today despite false claims otherwise made against them .