Bitcoin Consolidates Above $21.7K: Potential Gain Ahead?

16. Februar 2023 Aus Von admin

•Bitcoin is currently trading at $21,863.50 and has a market cap of $421,597,168,377.
•The crypto is range-bound between the 50-day simple moving average and the 21-day simple moving average.
•A defect in the Bitcoin logo on the original artwork was discovered after 12 years.

BTC Price Consolidates Above $21.7K

Bitcoin is currently consolidating above the $21,700 support level with a potential gain in sight. The largest cryptocurrency is now pinned between the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) line and the 21-day SMA line as it trades moderately with bearish exhaustion in selling pressure. If Bitcoin breaches the barrier at $23,000 or the 21-day line SMA, this would allow for a bullish trend to resume. On the other hand, if price moves back below the 50-day SMA then a decline will restart which could see Bitcoin drop below its psychological price threshold of $20,000.

Bitcoin Price Statistics

The current BTC price stands at $21,863.50 with a market cap of 421 billion USD and circulating supply of 19 million coins along with a total coin supply of 458 billion coins according to CoinMarketCap rankings where Bitcoin stands as #1 in terms of market capitalization and volume traded daily by investors around the world. Resistance levels include: $50k ,$55k ,$60k while support levels consist of: $25k ,$20k ,$15k .

Defect In The Original Artwork After 12 Years

It was recently discovered that there was a minor defect in Satoshi Nakamoto’s original artwork when zooming into it closely; an orange line from background leaked into white space alongside several other minor details that were left unnoticed until now after 12 years since inception despite what veteran Bitcoiners preach to newcomers about how they should “zoom out” during crypto bad markets instead of focusing on such minor details which are irrelevant towards speculation most times unlike major events like halving that can significantly affect prices over long periods of time due to scarcity & high demand driving prices up tremendously over time historically many times before as seen throughout past bull runs since 2009 till date .

Contributors To Realizing The Original Idea Of Bitcoin

It is often forgotten how miners , developers , designers , holders & investors contributed immensely towards realizing Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea that launched Bitcoin onto becoming world’s leading digital asset used by millions for investment purposes or even conducting transactions directly without having to go through centralized authorities or companies .


All things considered , it’s important to keep up with news related closely or indirectly to cryptocurrencies such as development updates & events but never forget about those who have been working tirelessly behind scenes for almost 12 years now ever since BTC first launched back in 2009 making sure everything goes smoothly so newcomers don’t give up easily when things look bleak because these individuals have done their part ensuring smooth operations all throughout these years without being noticed by many yet deserve recognition regardless !