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Monat: Januar 2021

29 Jan

Bitcoin relief rally thwarted at $34,000

Altcoin surging, Bitcoin relief rally thwarted at $34,000 Several altcoins made double-digit daily gains as Bitcoin’s relief rally hit a wall at $34,000 Bitcoin’s (BTC) contraction below $30,000 was short-lived: the cryptocurrency quickly found support thanks to a new wave of buyers, including MicroStrategy with its $10 million acquisition. Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView […]
28 Jan

Helt sosial aktivitet følger 100% rally

Helt sosial aktivitet følger 100% rally i Cardano-prisen Cardano-prisen har doblet seg siden starten av 2021, og farten sammenfaller med en ny heltid i Cardano-relaterte Twitter-omtaler. Sosiale medier omtaler om Cardano har vokst siden begynnelsen av året, og i løpet av denne tiden har prisen på ADA-token mer enn doblet seg, i prosessen som overgår […]
4 Jan

Ether fees rise sharply again

The transaction costs on the Ethereum Blockhain have risen sharply again. The fees Ethereum network have according to data from YCharts on Sunday an average of 10.20 US dollars per transaction reached The network’s fees rose only twice in 2020, averaging $ 12.54 for a short time in early September. Towards the middle of the […]