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Kategorie: Bitcoin

27 Nov

Sei motivi per cui Bitcoin è appena crollato a 17.000 dollari

Contenuti La bomba Mnuchin Un rifiuto brutale vicino all’apice di tutti i tempi Il surriscaldamento del mercato dei futures Elevato volume sociale Le balene che inviano monete in cambio Attività di rete in calo Il Bitcoin ha perso oltre 2.000 dollari del suo valore nelle ultime 24 ore, precipitando a un minimo intraday di 17.253 […]
23 Nov

Vitalik Buterin will sich mit Schachmeister messen

Schlacht der Gigabrains: Vitalik Buterin will sich mit Schachmeister messen Die Aktivität auf dem Prognosemarkt zeigt, dass nur wenige Wettanbieter glauben, dass Vitalik Buterin eine Chance gegen den kanadischen Meister hat Heute Abend um 21 Uhr EST laut Bitcoin Code tritt Ethereum Mitbegründer und Aushängeschild Vitalik Buterin gegen die Schach-Nationalspielerin des kanadischen Nationalteams, Alexandra Botez, […]
12 Nov

Portfolio theory and Bitcoin: this is the risk-return profile

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin belong in every portfolio. But what about their risk-return profile and how high is the correlation to traditional assets? Iconic Holding from Frankfurt has taken on this topic and written a report on it. The following report comes from Iconic Holdingfrom Frankfurt, an asset manager who specializes in digital assets. The company […]
12 Nov

Paxful: a new crypto debit card

In a press release shared by the Paxful team, a platform to exchange and sell bitcoins, we learn that a crypto debit card has been launched in collaboration with BlockCard to expand their offering internationally. Paxful is one of the largest platforms on the African continent that allows you to exchange Bitcoins (BTC) with many […]
2 Nov

Bitcoin hashrate dips

L’hashrate di Bitcoin scende da 146 exahash La fine della stagione delle piogge in Cina è un possibile fattore L’hashrate di bitcoin ha registrato un forte calo del suo tasso recente. L’hashrate di Bitcoin è sceso da 146 exahashes al secondo a 113 L’hashrate era aumentato in precedenza intorno a maggio di quest’anno, ma il […]
4 Okt

421 million in Bitcoin flee from BitMEX

Yesterday BitMEX received some very bad news, today Bitcoin flees the exchange. We tell you what happened with the crypto exchange. BitMEX may be experiencing one of the worst days in its history. About $421 million in Bitcoin, 40,000 BTC, have fled from BitMEX after the latest news. BitMEX in trouble and Bitcoin falling Concerns […]
23 Aug

Forscher baut Satoshis Bitcoin-Blöcke neu ab

Forscher baut Satoshis Bitcoin-Blöcke neu ab, um seine Geheimnisse zu entdecken Satoshi Nakamoto benutzte einen einzigen PC für den Abbau von 1,1 Mio. Bitcoin Sergio Dermain Lerner, ein Forscher, der dafür bekannt ist, die Abbaumuster des ursprünglichen Bitcoin (BTC)-Bergarbeiters zu untersuchen, hat seine Aufmerksamkeit auf die Bitcoin-Blöcke gelenkt, die von Satoshi Nakamoto abgebaut wurden. Lerner […]
26 Jun

An Indian cryptoexchange launched a learning platform on Blockchain and cryptomontages

CoinDCX, a cryptoexchange from India, launched a learning platform dedicated to cryptomonies and blockchain. According to a June 16 announcement, the CoinDCX learning platform is a virtual academy for learning about blockchain and cryptomonics. It offers guides, articles, courses and conferences. The CEO and co-founder of the company, Sumit Gupta, commented: „With the potential to […]